Offer - Junior Music Course (JMC) - general information.

“Junior Music Course" is the basis for all teaching offered at YAMAHA Music Schools.

The “Junior Music Course" takes into account the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual level of development, and the most appropriate teaching content, approach and style of the lesson are adapted to this.

In the first years of a child’s life, his hearing develops very quickly. Children are able to immediately remember the sounds and words heard for the first time in their lives. Therefore, if at this age they will come into contact with various musical genres by listening, singing and playing, they will gain a thorough foundation for the proper perception of music.

Children participating in the classes are 4 and 5-year-olds.

This is the period when the sense of hearing develops the fastest, so the ability to recognize sounds audibly is increased. These are ideal conditions for the development of absolute hearing, a sense of harmonics, as well as for the development of a sense of timbre and musical phrase. At the same time, children are encouraged to learn the basic musical elements – melody, rhythm and harmony, and keyboards are used as teaching tools.

The goal of “Junior Music Course" is to enable children to sing what they hear, play what they sing, and create their own songs or express musical expression using keyboards.

After 2 years, students move from the “Junior Music Course" to the “Junior Extension Course".

Who can participate?
Children aged 4-5

Lesson Duration:
60 minutes

Duration of the course:
2 years

Group size:
6-8 children with parents

Monthly fee for participation in classes:
PLN 299– see discounts available.

Aleksandra Olkiewicz and Bartłomiej Karwański conducts the Junior Music Course at our school.

Aleksandra Olkiewicz

Early childhood classes, keyboards.

A graduate of the State Music School of Chopin in Olszytn in the field of rhythmics.

She was awarded a Master’s Degree in rhythmics and choral conducting at the Poznań Academy of Music.

She believes that music is in all of us.

Her goal is to share the greatest joy of making music together.

She cannot sit still – she travels around Europe in her spare time, while she also indulges in active forms of recreation.

Bartłomiej Karwański

Instruments: drums, classical guitar, keyboards

He was educated in the Yamaha Music School system from the age of 4.

A graduate of the Music Academy in Poznań with the specialism of choral conducting.

In the years 2012-2019 he was the conductor of Schola Lednicka, while he also conducted the Choir and Orchestra during the World Youth Days in Krakow.

In his free time, he likes to ride his bike and play squash and volleyball.

He adores his family, with whom he loves to spend his free time.