Our teachers

Teachers are the foundation of every school.

Real musical education enthusiasts can be found at the Yamaha Poznań Music School.

It is through their efforts that this is a unique place where everyone can develop their musical interests.

All our teachers have undergone specialist methodological training in the education system of Yamaha Music Schools, and they are certified to teach in the Yamaha Music School system.

The work of teachers in our school is subject to constant observation and control by the school management.

In this way, we can be sure that we consistently offer the highest quality of musical education.

In addition, our teachers learn and practice continuously, while means that just like our students, they are also improving their musical and pedagogical competences.

Magdalena Ficner

Mateusz Ignatjew

Jakub Jóźwiak

Michał Kaczmarczyk

Dominik Karkoszka

Bartłomiej Karwański

Emma Kluczyńska

Katarzyna Kochaniecka

Jakub Koza

Jakub Kozłowski

Sylwia Makowska

Marta Nowak

Julia Rassek

Tomasz Rassek

Sławomir Tokłowicz

Zbigniew Żmijewski