29 proofs that miracles happen.

8 September 2019

Almost 3 months ago, we started a project that changed the musical map of Poznań. Today, thanks to the master photos of Mikołaj Kamieński we present what we have realized – Thank you Mik Kam. We present 29 proofs that miracles do happen and thanks to people of good will and their professionalism everything is possible.

In highly non-alphabetical order, we thank: EV Architects, Firma Remonty Krawczyk, THS System Sp. z o. o., Naw Bud, 4light, Instalprim, Mo – more than interiors, Imercon, Suf-System, SCALA – floor coverings, Pieczyński Furniture, “Camertina" Music Store, Yamaha Music Europe, CosmoHouse, @ZUZPER RECYKLING, Mirka Żmijewska Florist Uni -Flora and their subcontractors and their subcontractors 😉

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