Frequently asked questions

Question: How much is the tuition fee?

Answer: Depending on the program, the tuition fee is PLN 249 or PLN 279 per month for group classes that take place once a week.

Question: How long is the contract for?

Answer: The contract is concluded for an indefinite period with one month’s notice. Such resignation must reach the school before the end of the month preceding the notice period.

Question: Why such a price?

Answer: Classrooms in our school are equipped with top-class instruments. In addition, the infrastructure related to the sound system and soundproofing of the rooms meets all stringent requirements and high standards. The teachers employed in our school have been trained in the Yamaha method and are holders of certificates confirming their qualifications, which proves the highest guaranteed quality of classes. They are employed under contracts on which we pay taxes and insurance premiums. The course price includes full VAT of 23%.

Question: What if the child falls ill or we go on vacation?

Answer: If you skip lessons, unfortunately I can’t request a refund. The only such case is a hospital stay longer than 3 weeks, which must be documented with a medical certificate.

Question: Do you need an instrument at home?

Answer: If there is such a possibility, there should be an instrument at home from the very beginning. The sooner the instrument is at home, the sooner the first successes will be noticeable. Most importantly, it can be assumed that every student of our school will feel like playing every day, and having your instrument will be the best solution in this situation.

Question: Where can I buy an instrument at an affordable price?

Answer: It’s best to go to the Music Center store on ul. Chwaliszewo 64 in Poznań, where specialists will advise on which instrument to choose. Please cite that you are from the YAMAHA Music School, which will be an indication to the staff that you will receive a special offer.

Question: Why do I have to pay during school holidays?

Answer: Please note that tuition is defined as an annual fee for the course. It is possible to pay in monthly installments and therefore it looks as if we were collecting a holiday fee. In fact, this period is already deducted from the annual tuition fee.

Question: When does the course start?

Answer: According to your availability, declared skills and age of the student, taking into account the availability of classrooms and the teacher, we will try to propose the appropriate date of classes as soon as possible. We will inform you by phone.

Question: Do you need to exercise at home?

Answer: Yes – you have to. Everything a child learns in a lesson with the teacher and the whole group should then be fixed at home. Don’t worry, though – homework is not very stressful.

Question: Do I have to learn notes?

Answer: Everybody plays music from the very beginning. Step by step the necessary musical notes and terms are learned.

In this way, musical skills are developed in parallel with the ability to read notes.

Question: How long will it take before I learn to play?

Answer: During our classes we play from the very beginning. This means that already during the first lesson, songs will be introduced to play. Over time, the level of difficulty will increase and everyone can decide when they reach the level they dreamed of.

Question: What do group lessons look like?

Answer: During group classes, students develop an individual ability to play an instrument while experiencing music together and listening to each other. Only group classes give such an opportunity. Everyone plays at lessons at the same time, which gives them a feeling of greater joy in music and opens to other people.

Question: Does the school also organize workshops, concerts for students or interested persons from outside?

Answer: Yes We organize student concerts at least once every six months, which are a summary of a given stage of teaching.

Question: Can you sign up at any time or can you only sign up in September?

Answer: The school runs classes from the beginning of September to the end of June and you can enroll in it at any time throughout the year.